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C-ARM is managed by a microprocessor. 

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C-ARM is managed by a microprocessor. 

• Full View FPD. out standing image quality and large field of view coverage even during image rotation.
• Perfect image processing system with extraordinary function ensures what you get.
• A high performance imaging workstation and Image processing system serves you a convenient Interface
  for integration with network.
• CD burning for easy image transfer.
• MuItiple-storage methods for easy Image transfer.
• C-arm widely vertical movement range meets various height demand of operation table.
• Hand controller on C-arm stand: control the mechanical and collimator movement, improve your workflow even
  you are away from the unit. • High frequency generator
• Two-focus rotating anode tube (0.3 and 0.6)
• Gloss Amplifier (23 x 16 x 11 cm)
• 6-line CCD camera, 17-inch monitor with 360 ° image rotation
• The monitor cart is pre-installed for easy installation of the thermal printer and video recorder.
   Continuous, pulsed and HCF fluoroscopy • Continuous fluoroscopy: 120 KV - 4 mA
• Pulse fluoroscopy: 120 KV - 4 mA
• Fluoroscopy HCF: 120 KV - 8 mA

Radiography: 120 KV - 65 mA

• Automatic dose controller KV - mA
• Remote control iris collimator
• Potter - Bucky for 24 x 30 cassette
• 576 x 576 x 8 bit resolution digital memory
• Noise reduction filter
• Keeps the last image
• Dual video output 625 lines 100 Hz and 625 lines 50 



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